Techie Woes

I’m sorry Apple, I’ve gone awry! Many of you know I’m tech savvy and we techies love our gadgets. My iPhone has been a tremendous assistant for work.

Today’s tech quandary started when I dropped my iPhone during our kitchen remodeling. The entire back shattered. After calling the nearest Apple Store they informed me they no longer replace the rear glass panels but will instead provide a replacement phone…for just a mere $199. <gasp> iphone_1058

So if you have a loyal cell phone and find yourself in this predicament, let me offer another option…DIY.

Need new parts? Part Of Laptop may have aftermarket parts.

Need some instructions to replace those parts? I Fixit may have you covered.

I’m off to order a new back for my iPhone. “Oh nice, I can replace it with an aluminum back and rid my nerves of another glass shattering moment.”

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