Revealing Historical Relationships

Wow, it’s been a long hiatus since my last post, but boy was it worth the wait!

While researching pioneer cemeteries for my master’s thesis, one of the case studies has pulled me into the realm of genealogy; an Iowa cemetery that held both former slave laborers and the land owner side by side. Not segregated by any means, this break in custom intrigues me.

It also led me to put aside the thesis focus of the cemetery’s current preservation and peer into the relationship between the land owner and his hired help. What’s been revealing is a landowner who has possibly passed as “white” to aid blacks during slavery and reconstruction.

This newspaper clipping is just one piece of the clue and can be viewed on the Lewelling Quaker Museum webpage.

So with a holiday interlude from my thesis, I will be spending some time digging up the forgotten details behind this fascinating piece of history to share in an future article.

How could I not? Any inquisitive researcher would be just as eager to write about such a story waiting to be told!

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