Repository Brief: Indian-Pioneer Papers Collection

When the dreary weather forces us to exhibit cabin fever behavior, I am most thankful for internet technology to keep me afloat. Today’s Repository Brief to chase away the winter gloom is the Indian-Pioneer Papers Collection at the University of Oklahoma’s Western History Collection.

The Indian-Pioneer Papers Collection contains 80,000 transcripts of interviews gathered from Native American settlers and their experiences in the Oklahoma and Indian Territories. Held between 1861 and 1936, the collection also hosts numerous interviews gathered from non-Native American settlers in the area including African Americans.

Indian-Pioneer Collection, University of Oklahoma, Western History Collection

The collection site page has an easy to use search engine. By using simple keywords the search engine will scour the collection and yield the various transcription files available that match keywords. Once a transcription is chosen the researcher can view the transcript details and view it in an Adobe PDF or printer-friendly format.

The Indian-Pioneer Papers Collection is a wonderful trove of information that will be quite beneficial to the family researcher.


Happy leaf’n through the collection!

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