Sharing Family Recipes

Family meals do more than just bring on mouthwatering behaviors. Those favorite aromas and flavors stir up wonderful memories that make the devouring of the meal a more delightful experience. It’s no wonder that when we reminisce at a family get-together the conversation often invites stories of mom’s baked chicken or grandma’s blackberry pie.

copyright 2011 LaDonna Garner

LaDonna's Apple Butter: one for the heritage recipe collection box!

To savor those family recipes for your use and to preserve for the next generation, consider adding them to the family tree. Here are two easy ways to help gather those ingredients and stories. Don’t forget to add pictures of Aunt Jen to keep along with the recipe and of the family enjoying the cooked results!

Invite family members to assist in the compiling of family heritage recipes into a “Jones” Heritage Cookbook. Having a bound or binder style cookbook with generations of family cooks will delight any new in-law to the family. It doesn’t have to be professionally done with all of the self-printing options available today. With a laser printer, card stock, and 3-ring binders you can tackle the book binding at home. Today there are many options for printing a family cookbook from online software to print-on-demand companies. But it’s just as easy to put the book together yourself and have printed the local mom & pop printer.

As the family comes together for meals and various events during the year, ask each member to bring along several copies of their own creations on recipe cards to swap & share. Also have them attach or print a personal photo onto the backs of their own cards. These recipe cards will ensure you increase the size of the Family Recipe Box and include the current generations into the Heritage Cookbook.

Let me know how your project goes!

Leaf’n through my own family’s recipes has inspired me to whip up a template that can be used for this project. (I’ll post the results when completed.)

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