Hello & Thanks for dropping by The Leafseeker!

As a window into my world pertaining to genealogy & historic preservation, this blog is an extention of the leafseeker website. I hope the tips and adventures soon to post here will help in your ventures!

Raking up those lost leaves,

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  1. Hi!
    Long time no C. I have been bringing closure this year to 56 years of marital bliss.I am OK, but not quite alright just yet. So good to see your smiling face, looking good too. I am at a disadvantage since my ancestral home state is Kentucky.I am proud to say that I have pursued our paper trail for 10 years, researching 181 years. I have one more brick wall to hurdle. My computer is sick. I missed that web session, after enrolling. Thanks for all of the little things you do. You are most efficient, professional, etc. I did go to his site, latched on to his friendly genealogical tips. I have posted several web sites over the years. Frequently, boot off by my failure to increase my bandwidth. My moniker is: Jasbo is the name. Elucidating is my game. I am addicted to genealogy with a passion for America’s original musical art form ‘mainstream, straight ahead music. With the following caveats: “Make each note Count Like Basie: May the Jazz be with you. When I grow up I an going to be a blues/jazz man articulating the vicissitudes of life’s minor and major moods.” One thing more my family is quite indifferent about our genealogy. There a few of us. I have done the DVD, a text version. So this is my latest venture/venue. Peace. Out. C u then. I will c u soon!

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